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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What if we don't learn education?

(Personal view)
I will not be surprised if anyone negates this view by calling it worthless or labeling it “un-informed view” upon this vast topic. Perhaps, I shall greet those comments as a complementary for, at least, reading this short free-mind writing. There are many, definitions of education, indubitably more insightful and acceptable, given by different scholars in different course of time. But I have, in this writing, not referred to any one of them.
I, usually, wonder about why do we, everyone one of us, have to sweat and toil so much from the very beginning of this life in learning something called education, specifically things that are taught in modern educational system? From the very young age, one is conditioned to learn so many things and will be called naughty or foolish, in extreme case, if one failed to learn the prescribed subjects. Why? Are these subjects essential part of the process to nurture a good human being, or have we been already enslaved by the system?

 A child of 5 years old is forced to pronounce something that s/he has never been accustomed to and if s/he fails, in extreme case, we label them as “differently learners”, though this particular term is just to compensate for the mistake that is deeply rooted in the system itself.
I, often, wonder what happens if we, everyone of us, don’t follow this system of learning, so called modern educational system, which has succeeded to produce more problematic people than altruistic and responsible one? Perhaps every one of us will have been very different people and certainly will have different perception towards others and self. I believe, most probably, we would not have been facing this unending threat of nuclear weapons which are one the most successful outputs of modern education
I, sometimes, get surprised to see people so called educated becoming the root causes of suffering for others. So called education has only encouraged and enabled them to create bigger and more problems in this only earth. The other systems and policies that are structured or mended in the society have mostly been targeted to meet the greed of either individual or a nation and hardly accommodate the empathetic sense for others’ well being. Seeing these facts every single day in this modern world, quite often, makes me think and evaluate everything I have learned, though it is only a bit of it. I think the result is very apparent and comprehensive that modern education systems have brought.
                        Having these doubts in mind, I always wish to know what educational really means and why is it considered so important? Why people travel across the globe to learn something that hardly helps them to grow? Why young kids are forced so much to learn things, so called education, which often becomes the tool to label them as “Retarded or Disable”? Why do people work so hard to be an educated, to be informed?
I am surprised and speechless!
With the best of my information, knowledge, I perceive this existing educational system is merely focusing on information and nothing beyond. Ultimately it encourages people to struggle for new information and rarely allows them to think and classify acquired information whether that helps you to grow or not. However, in order to gratify the unending desire, as encouraged by the system, people are just spending their lives running after information. My doubt is what happens if we don’t get new information or what if we have not found a new island in Pacific Ocean? I believe billions of people have no idea about how people live in many parts of the world and what their cultures and traditions are, but they are still living a satisfactory and healthy life. So my question is;
What is use of that information if it doesn’t help you to grow healthier? In other words, what if we don’t learn education in this system? What if we start learning more about self and give less importance to the information of outside world??


  1. I think people try to educate their children, especially they effort to teach new born education. Do you know why? A long long time ago, adult taught their children to hunt, at that moment hurting was modern education. Children should learn hurting because they survive by hurting. In same way nowadays many people are surviving by white collar jobs, so need modern education. Funny thing is that in some country they go after diplomas or degrees.

    1. I completely agree your point.. we should have education to survive but what I actually mean is what if we study something to bring changes in self and others what will ultimately make this world safer place to live in. I am not against education, I am simply asking a question on the nature of current education which have brought enough danger to our own survival...


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